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2017 Mystery Shop Schedule:

ExxonMobil Shops are done once per month.


Quarter 2: March 1st- April 30th 2018



Quarter 1: December 30th 2017- February 28th 2018



MAY 15th CAMPAIGN-  Planogram

Plenti Program:


Site Checklist


Dear Branded Wholesalers,

As a reminder, the Plenti instructional pump decals should not be used at Synergy Imaged sites or sites with Synergy branded pumps. Please use the following instructions to ensure your sites are compliant.

Synergy branded sites
Synergy imaged sites or Synergy imaged pumps at Gemini locations should have a Plenti Proud Partner marketing decal as the loyalty activation is integrated into the Synergy pump instructions. Additional Plenti Proud Partner decals are available by calling 1 (800) 688-8843.

Sites with Gemini pumps
Sites with Gemini pumps should use either the Gilbarco Multi Loyalty, VeriFone or GVR decals available for orderby calling 1-800-636-4767.

Quarter 2 2017: March 20th- May 31st 2017



Quarter 2 2017: April 5th- Winn Dixie Partnership


mobilpop   winndixiesitelist



Notification Letter


The decision has been made to remove Plenti Welcome Kits and Smart Card Applications from fueling positions in 2017. In support of this decision, an exception will be granted for Q24, Q25, and Q26 of the Marketing Evaluation section of the current Site Experience program. The exception will be retroactive to September 1 and effective through December 31, 2016.

An MRC blast will go out to all BWs by the end of this month to formally communicate these changes. A copy of the letter is attached for your reference. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you

Important Contacts

RR Donnely Kathy   800-416-8151   Mobil Applications and Holders
Exxon Mobil POP     800-636-4767   Ordering additional POP
SVM Cards     866-462-8646 info@svmcards.com Exxon Mobil Gift Card Orders
Exxon Mobil Help     800-231-1122   Network Issues/Processing Issues
Retail Help Desk     866-603-6483   Plenti Issues
Gilbarco Passport Help Desk   Help Desk 866-603-6483    
Wayne Nucleus Help Desk   Help Desk 800-866-6762    
Verifone Commander Help   Help Desk 866-603-6483    
Settlement Reconciliation Help   Help Desk 800-413-9966  opt 7    
NACS Codes Implement Support     312-600-3937    
LSI Industries     800-688-8843   QR Code Decals for pumps- need to know site number
Commander/EM1     866-603-6483   Commander EM1 Upgrades