How to get rid of clutter in your service station

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How to get rid of clutter in your service station

clutter-shutterstockA cluttered store or gas station can overwhelm and turn off shoppers. Disorganized shelves suggest a disorganized business, even a lack of cleanliness. But there are ways to make your store more organized and more inviting.

One of the benefits of less clutter is that your products will be displayed to better effect. A single product will stand out, rather than being lost in an ocean of stuff.

You’ll also create a safer environment, with customers less likely to trip over items or knock over piles.

Here are some tips on how to de-clutter your service station:

• Establish a storage area outside of the retail space for excess inventory. Remove the extra stock and place it in storage.

• Don’t use the bathrooms as a storage area. The public sees those, too.

• Draw up an overall plan for your store; consider eliminating some shelves altogether.

• Figure out the best kind of display to show off each product.

• Make the store accessible. Customers should be able to move easily around the aisles with a good view of all products on display.

• Focus on making the entrance feel open and inviting, not overwhelming.

• If you have products and signs outside, streamline them. Less is more.

• Group similar products together so that the store is organized logically for you and for the customer.

• Shelve the products neatly, in blocks and stripes.

• Don’t spend a lot on inventory that isn’t selling. You may have too much stock on hand.

• Consider eliminating products that don’t sell well.

• When arranging the store, ensure that store employees have a good view of the shelves to deter shoplifters.

• Plan enough space in the store to offer customers even more breathing room – an area where they can sit and sip their coffee, eat their snacks and make a phone call. (And offer good food and beverage products to help lure them.)

• Make sure your lighting is bright and shows off your products and space.

• Create signs for your products that are classy and don’t emphasize discounts and sales to the point where everything looks cheap. Don’t use too many of them. A rotating digital display is one way to put a lot of eye-catching information in one space.

• Don’t fear bold colors, especially red and black, which have been proven to drive sales.

• Less is often more when it comes to displays. While it’s good to have well-stocked displays, they shouldn’t be overstocked and overflowing.

• As you reorganize your products, keep as many at or near eye level as possible.

• Consider a centrally located checkout counter with associated product displays that will encourage impulse buys.

When you’re done your initial reorganization, walk through your store. Think like a customer. Is the layout pleasing? Do the products look neat and well-organized? Is the signage tastefully placed and enticing? Is there room to breathe and see everything? Is there anything out of place? Ask customers what they think, too.

After fine-tuning, you’ll have a neat retail space that will encourage shoppers to look, linger and buy.

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