What to do if your Verifone POS System is having issues

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What to do if your Verifone POS System is having issues

With the recent necessary Verifone POS upgrades we wanted to reach out to each of our partners. From what we have heard and experienced, most of the projects were installed with only a few minor issues. We did have a few of our sites have different experiences and we wanted to share some helpful information if this relates to your location.

IF, your location is having issues with loyalty lock ups, screen freezing or any other problems, please contact Verifone immediately before resetting your device.

Verifone has the ability to dial in to your location and troubleshoot. If you reset the Verifone POS system before they dial in they will not be able to see what caused the issues and will not be able to assist until the issue happens again. Please contact Verifone first either by phone 800-519-7225, the chat option, or by downloading the app on your mobile devices (Instructions below).

I strongly suggest the app as it gets you to a Level 2 tech support agent immediately with a fraction of the “ON HOLD” time. Please consider the app as it is considerably less aggravating than calling in.

Whichever way you choose to make contact BE SURE TO GET A TICKET NUMBER from Verifone! Once the ticket number has been put in their system Southeast Petro can assist in escalating and getting your issues resolved. Without a ticket number there is not much we can do besides have you contact the helpdesk again. With Ticket numbers we can get things moving.

Verifone is standing behind their Verifone POS systems and providing the necessary assistance as long as we take the correct steps to get things smoothed out. I hope this message was helpful. Please reach out if you have any other questions or if you need further assistance.



  1. Go to the App Store on your mobile device (Available for both iOS and Android)
    Downloading Verifone App2

    What the app looks like once downloaded- easily navigate for help.

    Downloading Verifone App

    Search “petrohelp” in your app store to find the app. Hit download.

  2. Search for “petrohelp” and the app should populate
  3. Once you have downloaded the app, you will see where you can easily email and or chat directly from your phone.
    Please note that you will need to know your Verifone Service ID- If you do not know this, you can ask your District Manager, or you will have to call Verifone and have them tell you what your ID is.
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