Put sparkle in your restrooms to impress customers, especially women

//Put sparkle in your restrooms to impress customers, especially women

Put sparkle in your restrooms to impress customers, especially women

resize_shutterstock_305377295Almost one in five gas station customers use the bathroom while they’re in your convenience store. If you want them to come back, it pays to keep that bathroom sparkling clean.

All customers are particular, but women are especially likely to notice a subpar bathroom. Keeping it clean is job one. Have a regular schedule for employees to check on the cleanliness of the bathroom. Keep trash emptied, including those bins for women’s products inside the stalls. Make sure there aren’t puddles on the countertops or papers on the floor.

Check the corners. Do you have dirt? Dust? Spiderwebs? Look closely at the grout between the tiles. Is it time for a thorough scrubbing? Having trouble getting the ring out of the toilet? You can attack stains with a pumice product like Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover.

Basic maintenance is essential, too. Do you have cracked surfaces or mirrors? Are your plumbing fixtures pitted or otherwise corroded?

More than mere cleanliness, extra amenities can make your bathroom experience much more comfortable.

  1. Paper towels. Make sure the towels are stocked and in good shape. It’s preferable that they come from a dispenser and not from a pile on the counter that’s subject to get wet.
  2. Automatic soap dispensers. If you have them, make sure they’re full and they work. They are a pleasant way to allow customers to avoid touching surfaces in a public restroom.
  3. Automatic faucets. Again, these offer a more sanitary way to use a faucet in a public bathroom.
  4. Comfortable stalls. It’s no fun trying to squeeze into a stall when there are only a few inches between the toilet and the door. Must it be said? Women don’t stand in front of the toilet. Allow plenty of space to turn around in the stall — especially if the door opens inward.
  5. Purse hooks and/or shelves. Make sure the stall has a clean, safe place where a woman can stow her bag during her visit — an easily reached, secure hook or a fold-down shelf.
  6. Fresh scents. Avoid overpowering, chemical scents, but a nice, clean scent will make the bathroom visit that much nicer.
  7. Decor. Don’t be afraid to add a decorative touch. Keep it simple.

Your store’s bathroom should never be an afterthought. Customers will judge their experience in your store by the bathroom as much as anything else. If it’s not clean, they won’t want to buy food in your store, either.

Keep customers happy and coming back with a clean, friendly space, in your restrooms and out.

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