Summit Shah

Summit Shah Summit started off helping his dad, Mike, while they ran their first gas station. He helped to fill customer’s tanks with fuel, wash their windshields, and give the personal touch to customer service like Southeast Petro does still today. Summit learned from his dad that to succeed in the business, you have to have values and integrity, and as the Vice President, he has exuded those principals in every facet of his day to day operations of the company. Summit is carrying on the legacy that his dad has built, and will continue to bring the core values he was taught to every customer that he deals with.
Summit & Dad

Mike Shah

Summit Shah Mike started off in the fuel industry with one gas station in Cocoa, FL, and has built the business to what it is today through hard work and dedication to his family and his community. Now, Southeast Petro supplies over 400 stations throughout Florida, Georgia and Alabama and employs well over 100 people. Mike is a people person, and he is there for his customers from beginning to end. His philosophy is relationship over all else, and he is the patriarch of Southeast Petro and all that the company stands for today.

Mr. Shah

Mike was born and raised in a small farm village in Pavi Jetpur, India, where he gives his father and grandparents homage for teaching him early on about hard work and how to treat others. View Mr. Shah's Profile

Mrs. Shah

Rashmi met Mike in their home country where they married in 1971. She has stood by Mike’s side through the struggles of building a business from the ground up, working seven days a week as well as taking care of their two children, Summit and Monica. View Mrs. Shah's Profile

Summit Shah

Summit has grown up in the family business. He formally started working for Southeast Petro in 1998 after graduating from Tulane. View Summit Shah's Profile

Monica Shah

Monica is passionate about community relations, and manages the tremendous amount of charity work that Southeast Petro engages in every year. View Monica Shah's Profile

Larry Pike

Larry has more than 25 years experience as a financial executive. Larry joined Southeast Petro as their Chief Financial Officer in January 2015, and has brought a fresh, yet experienced perspective to SEP’s Accounting Department. View Larry Pike's Profile

Michael Gazzalla

Michael brings over 30 years of experience in the C-Store retail operations and marketing for the gas and convenience store Industry. View Michael Gazzalla's Profile

Ryan Firth

Ryan began his career in petroleum in 2009 while finishing his final semester of school as a Retail Account Manager for a Georgia based wholesaler. Ryan was fortunate to have a great mentor and was able to dedicate his time to become a vested expert in the trade. View Ryan Firth's Profile

Andy Clay

Andy started at Southeast Petro in 2013. He Manages the accounting department staff and all accounting processes for the wholesale fuel distribution division. View Andy Clay's Profile

Chrissy Council

Chrissy has been with Southeast Petro since 2016, but has been in the Human Resource field for 15 years. She has progressed in this field throughout the years as well as obtaining her college education. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology as well as a 2-15 Life, Health and Annuity License. View Chrissy Council's Profile

Terry Forston

Terry joined Southeast Petro in 2016. He has taken on the position of Retail Accounting Manager where he manages the day to day accounting operations of the company operated and commission agent stores. View Terry Forston's Profile

Joe Fields

Joe has been with Southeast Petro since 2004 and oversees the environmental and risk management areas of the business, providing expertise for our company and clients. His background includes working in the fuel and energy business for over 25 years. View Joe Fields's Profile

Admin Staff

(From Left to Right) Ginger, Receptionist Norma, File Clerk Lauren, Executive Assistant Mary, File Clerk Christina, HR Coordinator

Retail Accounting

(From Left to Right) Melissa, Accounts Receivable Gaby, Accounting Clerk Cherie, Accounts Payable Tom, Retail Accounting Manager
Not Pictured: Kelly (Accounts Receivable), Laurie (Accounts Payable Assistant), Bonnie (Accounting Clerk), Doreen (Accountant)

Real Estate Department

Not Pictured: Bernie (Real Estate Manager),Maria (Real Estate Accountant)

Retail Operations

(From Left to Right) Jim, District Manager Lori, Director of Operations Adam, District Manager Helen, District Manager Sam, Price Book Administrator
Not Pictured: Raymond (District Manager), Ravi (Area Manager)

Wholesale Accounting

(From Left to Right) Cassandra, Accounting Clerk Julie, Accounts Receivable Andy, Wholesale Assistant Controller Cherie, Accounts Payable Leslie, Senior Accounting Clerk
Not Pictured: Yvonne, (Client Relations Manager), May (Accounts Receivable)

Wholesale Operations

(From Left to Right) Ryan, Director of Sales Ashley, Brand Manager JP, Brand Manager
Not Pictured: Tristian (Business Development Manager)