Company Background

Southeast Petro’s roots start in 1980 when Mahesh Shah, better known as Mike, and his wife, Rashmi, purchased their first gas station and convenience store in Cocoa, FL.  Through hard work, dedication, honesty, and a belief in providing excellent customer service; Mike and Rashmi learned and experienced building the business from the ground up. Along with strategic partners, they were able to continue to grow and acquire retail sites throughout Florida.  In 1994, the Company was awarded its first wholesale distributorship by BP, and now has wholesale distribution rights to all major gasoline brands in Florida.  Today with the same principles of dedication, honesty, and excellent customer service, Southeast Petro’s strong management and operational teams work to form great partnerships with its’ customers and operators by establishing win-win business relationships.  We know that in our customers’ success, lies our success.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to meet or talk with you, so that we can put our words into action and show you the advantage of partnering with Southeast Petro.

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