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The Beginnings of Southeast Petro


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The station that started it all; Mike Shah’s first gas station in Cocoa on US-1.

Starting with just one gas station in 1980, Mahesh “Mike” Shah and his wife, Rashmi, have built Southeast Petro into the prosperous business it is today. Southeast Petro is now one of the largest fuel wholesalers in the Southeast, supplying fuel to over 400 independently owned gas stations and employing over 170 people.

The legacy of Southeast Petro has not stopped with Mike. The day to day business is now primarily overseen by Mike and Rashmi’s son Summit. Summit has learned from his dad’s example throughout his years growing up in the industry. Together, they continue to grow the company, increasing their impressive portfolio.

The Shah family, pictured from left to right: Summit, Rashmi and Mike, pose in front of one of their tankers outside of their offices in Cocoa.

The hard work and dedication that the Shah’s have demonstrated in their 30+ years of growing the business have resonated throughout the community of Brevard County and beyond. Family values, integrity, and ingenuity fuel the valued partnerships Southeast Petro has with their customers. In fact, giving back is a priority for the Shahs, so they give as much as they can to the community that has allowed them the success that they have today.

“There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you are making a difference in the community you live in.” ~ Mike Shah

The company holds tightly to its values. Honesty, mutual respect for others, and consistency are just a few principals that are required to be a part of Southeast Petro. Living out truth through integrity and dedication to the customer’s success is what makes this company one of the top jobbers in the Southeast. Without these values, Southeast Petro would not be where they are today. The Shah’s are the leading example of how even humble beginnings can lead to prosperity through hard work, dedication, and quality service to others.

Come join the Southeast Petro family, because when you partner with us, that is what you are… family!